Friday, April 24, 2009

#9 in

This morning I lined up for the #9 on Brevard Road, right near my house. Of course, students also catch a bus at the same spot. It's a school bus, and usually that bus scoops the kids up around, oh, 7:55 or so.

For the first time, as I walked towards where I stand for the bus, I saw a group of high school and middle school kids waiting for the bus right there! They were waiting at my bus stop. Well I wasn't going to hang out with a bunch of teenagers who didn't know me. They would surely have me pegged as a creep. So I walked back home, sure that I had enough time to make the bus even after this detour. I then spun around and headed back towards the bus stop, thinking that maybe, just maybe, the school bus would be along shortly.

Thankfully the yellow bus came along straight away, so I had the stop to myself. I usually expect the city bus around 8:08, but it ran a few minutes later than that this morning. When I boarded, I expected to see some reason for this delay, like a person in a wheelchair. I still don't know why the bus was a bit late. In fact, the bus was nearly empty. Then, one guy got off near the corner of Fairfax and Haywood, and three of us (driver included) rode on towards PVA. Of course, there were riders waiting in PVA. The bus takes a new course these days, omitting Michigan Avenue altogether, so it plunges into the neighborhood via State Street and it rises back out via Hanover Street, which makes for a change of scenery.

To my surprise, the bus, travelling less than half full and in very light traffic, pulled into the station late. Mind you, it was just a few minutes late, but late it was. Luckily, #6 was waiting out on Asheland Ave. for a few transfer riders.

As for other non-car travellers, I can add this: While I waited near the corner of my street and Brevard Road, I noticed three people biking to work. And, late in the bus trip, I spotted one of my neighbors biking up the hill on Clingman Avenue. Four cyclists!

Monday, April 20, 2009

three days in a row

I managed to ride the bus (and avoid using a car) three days in a row last week: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Mind you, my responsibility on Thursday amounted to child care only, and I only had to work on Friday and Saturday. Any day which involves child care AND work is very unlikely to be a bus day.