Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mockingbird Entertainment at a Beautiful Bus Stop

I have ridden the bus only sporadically recently. A few weeks ago, my son and I rode it into town. A few memorable things about that ride (besides getting to hang out for a few minutes with my son): Riding a route that I had not taken before...I forget the number but it's the bus that goes down Montford. Nathan had left his vehicle at an apartment there and we were going to pick it up. We also had to get a transfer, which was the first time I had done that. Very simple. But, when we got to the transit center, we actually had to go inside to find out which bus we needed. Nathan wondered why there are no schedules posted outside. Good question! No schedules posted inside the buses either. Two suggestions for Asheville Transit...very cheap to do and would help riders.

I rode into town with Nathan today to Asheville Brewing on Coxe Ave. to hear his friend Jenna playing music. After an hour, we went our separate ways. I walked over to Amazing Savings to do some bargain hunting. I had planned to ride the bus home. So I had to be very careful at the store to get only enough groceries to fill up my two cloth bags, because I knew I could carry no more than that...and that there would be a half mile walk home once I got off the bus in West Asheville. So I really wanted a watermelon or canteloupe, but that was not going to happen! I filled up my two bags. They were a little heavy, but I'm in good shape and the bags were strong.

I wasn't sure where the nearest bus stop was, but didn't want to stand around in the 90 degree weather in the hot sun to find out. I knew there were several stops on Clingman so I walked there. The first stop on Clingman was maybe a tenth of a mile away, but it was in the sun and the bus wasn't due for 15 minutes or more. So I walked another tenth of a mile or so down to the next stop where I knew there was shade. This spot might be the prettiest bus stop in Asheville. See what you think.

While waiting at the bus stop, I heard baby bird noises and started looking around. In a small oak tree nearby, two mockingbirds were feeding their babies. This was the definite highlight of my bus trip today! Didn't get a picture of the parents, but here is a fuzzy picture of the babies.

The ride was pretty routine. Nice to see that there were two bikes on the bike rack. It was a hot walk back to the house carrying groceries and I had already walked a bunch of miles today in the heat. But good exercise.

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Lynn said...

That bus stop is near Luella's house, right? That's a bit of a trek from Amazing savings with bags full of stuff.